Reverse Advent

Image by Joel Muniz

Reverse Advent Story

With Christmas approaching and the effect COVID has had on many families in our local community, we want to encourage thinking about those more in need and those finding it difficult to provide for their families at this time of year, to promote the act of gift giving and acts of kindness to others.

In place of our Secret Santa, we would like you to participate in the Reverse Advent instead. The idea is opening a window each Sunday provides us with donation ideas for the coming week, which at the end, will be donated to our local foodbanks. The ideas are only a suggestion, but any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday school has made a great suggestion this year to do this and as such we ask for the children to be involved and encouraged to giving to children who are in need. We ask for only one item from each child with siblings forming one donation.

We ask from our congregation to donate one item each week, if you can.

Below are some ideas for donations. Food, toiletries, baby supplies and gifts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your acts of kindness!


Let’s Work Together