He Has Risen: John 20: 1 - 18


Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. It was the day to honour the day Jesus' victorious entry into Jerusalem. This was a very important week for Jesus. It began with the triumphant entry into Jerusalem with crowds cheering for Jesus for his arrival, followed by being arrested, tried in courts, condemned and crucified.

This Sunday is a very special one indeed, JESUS HAS RISEN!

Lets begin by watching this video to show what happened on this day



When Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus down from the cross, they were in a hurry to bury him since it was almost the Sabbath. Mary wanted to finish anointing the body. When she arrived she found the tomb empty.  Could you imagine how Mary would have felt to not see her loved ones body there?! She was panicking and thinking someone has stolen his body. She hurried to find the dsiciples for help.

Peter and the other disciple started running to the tomb, with the other disciple arriving first. He looked in the tomb at the strips of linen lying there but he did not go in. Peter went straight into the tomb and saw the strips of linen lying there as well as the cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus' head. The cloth was still lying in its place, separate from the linen. The linen left in the tomb was very important. The other disciple who had arrived first finally went inside the tomb and believed.

Mary was stood outside the tomb crying when she looked in the tomb and two angels were seated there, one where Jesus' head had been and the other were his feet had been. They asked her, "Why are you crying?" She is so upset that she doesn't realise she is talking to angels. She turns around and thinking she is talking to the gardener, not realising its Jesus who asks, "Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" Thinking its the gardner she asks where he put Jesus' body and she will get him. It is only when Jesus says "Mary" that she realises its Jesus and shouts "Rabboni!" which means "Teacher!" All the sadness she was feeling turned to great joy! Jesus' body wasn't missing, it was made new! Mary wanted to keep hold of Jesus, but he said not to as he had not yet gone up to his Father, instead she was to go and tell the disciples that she had seen Jesus.

Jesus had risen! It is very Jesus overcame death. He showed us that we will gain heaven and eternal life because of Jesus.

We have chocolate Easter eggs as a symbol of the empty tomb. Usually when you break open the egg its empty. It reminds us that when Mary and the disciples went to the tomb it was empty, that Jesus was alive!


Because he is alive, we too can have a new life in him!

Let us pray

Dear Lord,

Today we celebrate the empty tomb.

We thank you that Jesus was not in the


That he overcame death

He is risen, and because of that,

we can have a new life in him


Let's sing!



Activity Time!



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